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An NES inspired

Independent game developers from around the world have been kidnapped and it's up to you to save them.

Explore nine thematically diverse sectors filled with enemies, traps, and puzzles.

Blast your way to the end, taking down unrelenting bosses, and rescuing captive indies.

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Progrium Games

Release Date

Early 2019

Press Contact

Jeff Lindsay




Mac OS




TBD, ~$10

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Independent game developers from around the world have been kidnapped and it's up to you to rescue them. Blast your way through nine unique areas filled with enemies, traps, and puzzles. Take down unrelenting bosses, discover upgrades and secrets, and rescue those captive indies.

The Indie Game Legend 3D is an NES inspired "shooter-vania" that brings you retro arena shooter gameplay in first person. Loosely an homage to 8-bit cult classic The Guardian Legend, but taking inspiration from several classics, this game will give you retro feels in aesthetics and gameplay.


In 2011, Paul Hubans released a freeware game as Phubansoft on the TIGSource forums called The Indie Game Legend. It featured indie developers of the community and many inside jokes. The game was an homage to The Guardian Legend, a childhood favorite of Paul's on the NES. It also featured the game soundtrack debut of Stevie Hryciw.

The game was well received by the community, but quickly fell into obscurity without a wider release. Eventually the download link broke.

Six years later, Jeff Lindsay, a friend of Paul's, started experimenting with assets from The Indie Game Legend to see what a first-person interpretation of the game would be like. Over the 2017 Christmas break, Jeff put together a demo to show Paul. Impressed with the demo, Paul was excited to revisit and expand on the project and work with Jeff on a bigger release. Stevie signed on to write new music for this larger version of the game, which they dubbed The Indie Game Legend 3D.


  • Over 200 handcrafted rooms across 9 distinctly themed areas
  • Solve puzzles and avoid traps in a non-linear sci-fi world
  • Blast hordes of enemies and take down unrelenting bosses
  • Discover weapons, equipment, and upgrades in hidden shops
  • Rescue some of your favorite iconic indie game developers
  • Retro pixel art style in a low-poly, full 3D world
  • Unlockable secrets, surprises, easter eggs, and more!
  • Original chiptunes soundtrack by a guy named Stevie
  • Multiple endings, hidden bosses
  • Your commander is a hairless guinea pig

Additional Links

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About Progrium Games

Jeff Lindsay was a hobbyist game developer from an early age. After high school he started running TIGSource with Derek Yu and put up what is now the largest online forum for the indie game scene. Professionally, he made an impact in the web and systems software fields, working at NASA and Twilio, and independently helped bring Docker, webhooks, and a number of other influential tools into the world. Other than occasional prototypes, Jeff became fairly inactive in games.

After a decade working in tech, Jeff came back to indie games. His first freeware release was Visitor Center in 2017, a love letter to the 1993 SNES Jurassic Park game. Looking for a bigger challenge next, he took on The Indie Game Legend 3D in collaboration with Paul Hubans as his first commercial game project.

About Phubansoft

For most of his life, Paul Hubans has been designing games. He started with NES-inspired drawings of his game ideas in the late 80s. By highschool he was hacking NES ROMs using tile editing tools and HEX editors. In the early 2000s, Paul started making his own fully playable games in Game Maker. The most notable of these was his horror top-down multiplayer shooter, MADHOUSE.

In the mid 2000s, Paul worked for SEGA of America doing QA on titles like Full Auto and Shadow the Hedgehog. He went on to work at 2D Boy as a production associate on their indie smash hit, World of Goo. Paul's experience with 8-bit pixel art that dated back to highschool landed him a job as background artist on Capcom's 2011 DSI title, Dark Void Zero. 2011 was also the year that Paul made and released the original 2D version of The Indie Game Legend. Two years later he released Spunk & Moxie, a one-button masocore platformer on mobile. Today, he is working on Mossmouth's UFO 50 project and The Indie Game Legend 3D.


Jeff Lindsay, programmer and producer
Paul Hubans, designer and artist
Stevie Hryciw, music
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